Cutting off


can cut life short

[Give big rigs space]
Drive truck smart
Stay out of the


Semi trucks make wide


Stay behind the white line
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It’s a simple rule: a truck simply doesn’t drive like a car. Trucks weigh more, are much taller and can’t make the same sudden moves a car can. They have much larger blind spots and need a lot more room to come to a stop. Nearly 1/4 of all vehicles on Utah’s highways are trucks and those numbers are increasing.

As a driver, it’s important to learn how to interact safely with large trucks. By incorporating a few simple behaviors, you can become “Truck Smart” and help make Utah’s roads safer for everyone.

Bring a semi truck to your school

One of the best methods to help teenage drivers understand how to drive Truck Smart is to bring a truck to school or wherever they are taking their Driver’s Ed course. Simply fill out this form and we’ll contact you to make an appointment.