Inspection violations
Top Violations During Inspection


Scale Icon - Inspection Violations
Size and Weight

Includes but not limited to violation of a state size and weight permits, over legal weight requirements on axle, bridge or gross. Exceeding size requirements on vehicles or loads. Inspection violations

Medical Certificate Icon - Inspections Violations
Medical Certificate

Includes no or expired medical certificate when required.

Drivers log icon - Inspection violations
False Logs

Includes but not limited to false entries in a driver’s hours of service (HOS) e.g. hiding hours by claiming off duty while driving a commercial vehicle (CMV), Electronic Logging Device (ELD) logging in as a ghost driver utilizing its driving and on-duties hours.

Universal No Symbol - Inspection Violations
No Logs/or Logs Not Current

A commercial vehicle driver not having any hours of service when required or a driver’s HOS is not current to the last change of duty status.

Stopwatch Icon - Inspection Violations
10/11 or 14/15 Hour Violations

Property carrying vehicles, e.g. tractor and semi-trailer, a driver cannot drive more than 11 hours before taking a 10 hour break and be on duty more than 14 hours before taking a 10 hour break.

Passenger vehicles, e.g., motor coach driver cannot drive more than 10 hours before taking an 8 hour break, and be on duty more than 15 hours before taking an 8 hour break.

Speedometer Icon - Inspection Violations

Driving a CMV while exceeding posted speed limits.

Stop Sign Icon - Inspection Violations
Failure to Obey Traffic Control Device

Includes but not limited to failure to stop at a stop light, failure to stop at a Port of Entry.

Seat Belt Icon - Inspection Violations
Seat Belt

Not wearing a seat belt while driving a Commercial Motor Vehicle.

Driver License Icon - Inspection Violations
Disqualified CDL

Includes but not limited to an expired CDL, a CDL that is suspended due to a medical examination report not filed with the driver’s license division.

Highway lane icon - Inspection Violations
Improper Lane Change

Failure to signal, weaving outside of the travel lane or crossing the skip/fog/yellow line unintentionally.


Brakes Icon - Inspection Violations

Includes but is not limited to brakes out of adjustment, brake lining less then set requirements, brake hoses chafing together or on vehicle components, leaking brake air line.

Headlight Icon - Inspection Violations

Includes but not limited to a turn signal, head light(s), ID lamps, clearance lamps, license plate light inoperative.

Clip Board Icon - Inspection Violations
Periodic Inspection

All Commercial Motor Vehicles are required to have an annual inspection as per FMCSR 396.17.

Hazard Signal Icon - Inspection Violations
Emergency Equipment

Includes having an accessible, charged fire extinguisher and bi-directional triangle in a Commercial Motor Vehicle.

Tire graphic - Inspection Violations

Includes but not limited to a flat tire (less than 50% of manufacture psi rating on the tire), a tire that’s tread measurements are less than requirements, a tire that has a foreign object in it and is leaking air.

Windshield graphic - Inspection Violations

Includes but not limited to windshields that have intersecting cracks.

Load Securement

Includes but not limited to insufficient amount of securement devices (chains, straps) on a particular load to prevent from falling off. A load of dirt not tarped and blowing out as it travels down the roadway.

Aggressive Tire graphic - Inspections violations

Includes but not limited to a cracked wheel from a stud hole to a stud hole. Missing or loose wheel fasteners.

Wheel Axle graphic - Inspection violations

Includes but not limited to a broken or missing leaf spring on an axle, a deflated airbag, a cracked or missing U-bolt on an axle.

Steering wheel graphic - inspection violations

Includes but not limited to looseness of the pitman arm on the steering gear output shaft. Movement, other than rotational of any ball and socket joints, this is measured with hand pressure only.

Hazardous Materials

Improper Blocking and Bracing

Transporting hazardous materials and not having them secured in the transport vehicle, e.g propane bottle rolling around in the back of a Commercial Motor Vehicle.

Improper Placarding

Includes but not limited to missing 1 of 4 placards on a transport vehicle, a placard that misrepresents the product being hauled.

Shipping Papers

Includes but not limited to a missing shipping paper, a shipping paper with information that is not accurate with 172.101 table.

Emergency Response

Not having an emergency response guide book or information of the load within arm’s reach while seat belted in the driver seat.

Improperly Marked

Includes but not limited to 50% or more required ID numbers missing for each material. Any ID number misrepresenting the material being transported.